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The Perfect Match: B2B eCommerce Platform with a CRM

January 10, 2017 | Oro Team

Our B2B eCommerce CRM gives you multi-dimensional flexibility

Oro’s philosophy of flexibility is not limited to building customizable applications in isolation. Our experience in working with countless eCommerce projects has shown us that businesses, especially in the B2B space, often need CRM functionality coupled with an eCommerce platform. This has led us to develop a revolutionary platform focused on CRM and B2B Commerce.

OroCRM and OroCommerce are highly tailored to address the dynamics of B2B eCommerce and B2B marketplace selling. While both are available as independent products, both applications sit upon a single platform and can be integrated at anytime with each other and with a B2B marketplace as well.

With the General Availability (GA) release of OroCommerce coming soon, it’s possible to get OroCommerce Enterprise Edition (EE) coupled with OroCRM EE at no extra charge, giving you the most powerful B2B eCommerce CRM platform available.

This will allow businesses to leverage the synergy of two full-featured applications to obtain a holistic 360-degree view of the customer.

Advantages of getting OroCommerce EE bundled with OroCRM EE

OroCRM and OroCommerce can be easily integrated with third-party systems (e.g. you can integrate your OroCommerce solution with any external CRM software). However, all the solutions from the Oro product range have been created to seamlessly match and complement each other. By incorporating OroCommerce EE, business owners get a unique B2B eCommerce platform that serves as foundation for creating and managing both buyer and vendor environment.

By deploying OroCRM Enterprise Edition with OroCommerce, business owners get a single view into all the sales and customer interactions. With both enterprise level applications in place, you get a B2B eCommerce CRM platform that gives you the competitive edge to scale your business and deliver a perfect customer experience to your clients.

Benefits of OroCRM Enterprise Edition

OroCRM provides a rich set of features ready to fuel any eCommerce business’ sales, marketing, and support departments. Business executives can track the full progression of a website visitor to potential lead and then to a won customer.

Additional capabilities include:

Please note!

You always have the option to get OroCommerce EE as a stand-alone option or you can get it bundled with the Enterprise Edition of our customer relationship management system. Regardless of either scenario, the purchasing price is the same.
To understand whether OroCommerce and OroCRM fit with your business, we suggest you schedule a call with our team representative and discuss your needs in detail.

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