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Podcast Recap: Integrating the Perfect eCommerce Solution for Your Business

February 19, 2021 | Oro Team

In this episode of ModernCTO, host Joel Beasely speaks with Derek Cwik, Director of Integrations at, about how misleading marketing can cause business to choose the wrong eCommerce solution, the ideal relationship between an eCommerce solution and the sales team, and how communication is key in business success.

In this episode, Derek explains how his experience with integrating various eCommerce solutions has impacted his expertise in helping companies choose the perfect fit. Helping companies select an eCommerce solution goes way beyond just selling a product. You have to set the right expectations and focus on the final product in order to deliver a product that customers will be happy with. A successful implementation means educating customers on the compatibility between technology applications and understanding the use case of how the final product should interact with customers and internal teams. 

As B2C eCommerce solutions continue to adapt to B2B strategies, choosing the best platform for your B2B business can be confusing. And misleading marketing strategies can push businesses into choosing a B2C solution with the promise of adding B2B extensions as “the perfect fit” for B2B companies. 

Another concern when adopting a B2B eCommerce solution is the impact to the sales team. Will a full service solution for B2B customers replace B2B sales people? How is the role of a B2B salesperson evolving?

Derek describes orchestrating different technology systems to provide the perfect solution as a similar process to diagnosing an illness. A good solution integrator will listen, understand, and diagnose the needs of their clients to come up with an action plan to execute a solution that will address those pain points. By placing your business in the best solution, you can grow and expand as a business. The key is to talk to a trusted expert that will be able to place you with the best solution instead of researching and buying into the latest buzzwords in technology and potentially ending up with a bad fit, which can lead to expensive outcomes. 

Products like OroCommerce show how important it is to to show the raw product right out of the box. You can paint the picture of what you’re starting with and what the product will provide when showing potential customers what the final product will look like. A B2C solution for a B2B company isn’t necessarily the best fit. Whereas OroCommerce was specifically designed for B2B focused industries, which provides a frictionless customer experience with robust backend features for an overall comprehensive solution.

An online storefront can become one of your best sales reps. Contrary to popular belief, it does not compete with your traditional sales rep, but it rather supports your team. Platforms like OroCommerce are designed to assist the traditional sales rep by helping them do their job more efficiently.

To listen to the full episode and to hear more about successful integrations with B2B eCommerce platforms, click here.

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