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Product Roadmap: Looking Towards OroCommerce 4.x

February 7, 2019 | Brandon Kim

Now that OroCommerce 3.1 LTS has been released, we’d like to inform our community about the OroCommerce product roadmap for the upcoming year. We plan to roll out the next release, which will be OroCommerce 4.0 RC, by mid-summer 2019 while 4.0 Beta will be available in mid-spring. The next LTS version of OroCommerce (after 3.1 LTS) will be released in January 2020 as OroCommerce 4.1 LTS.

The release schedule for OroCommerce 4.x looks as follows:



Release Date

3.1 LTS

January 2019

4.0 Beta

March 2019

4.0 RC

May 2019


July 2019

4.1 Beta

September 2019

4.1 RC

November 2019

4.1 LTS

January 2020


Important for 3.1 LTS users: Many of the new features planned for OroCommerce 4.x releases will become available as extensions for 3.1 LTS as well. That means our 3.1 LTS customers and community members will be able to use those new features without having to run upgrades or wait for the 4.1 LTS release.

Upgrade Recommendations for OroCommerce Users

For existing projects and projects scheduled to go live in 2019, we recommend that you upgrade to the recent 3.1 LTS release and utilize new extensions as they become available during the year.

If you are planning to start a new project in 2019 and it is scheduled to go live after January 2020, we recommend that you start the development on the most recent release in the 4.x series. You might need to continually upgrade to the next available 4.x version (Beta, RC) and, ultimately, upgrade to 4.1 LTS prior to going live with the project.

Features Planned for OroCommerce 4.1 LTS

Here’s a preliminary list of features planned for OroCommerce 4.1 LTS. As mentioned above, many of these features will be also available as extensions for OroCommerce 3.1 LTS in 2019.

Improved CRM and eCommerce integration:

  • eCommerce dashboard widgets utilizing OroCommerce data
  • Mapping transactional and workflow-triggered emails to appropriate contexts so that they are visible as email activities on the customer, customer user, order, quote, request, account pages
  • Improved navigation and data exploration on the customer, customer user, and account view pages (e.g. you may start creating a quote on a customer user page while the necessary contextual data is automatically filled out in the form)
  • Out-of-the-box email templates to embed quotes directly into an email text
  • An extended lead-to-opportunity-to-quote-to-order workflow
  • An out-of-the-box quotes management workflow for quote acceptance, negotiation, and other interactions on the storefront

New CMS capabilities:

  • Full support of source editing to allow an IT department to publish HTML content generated by 3rd party tools
  • The ability to upload and easily link to images, PDF attachments, and other types of content files
  • Various content widgets, such as a configurable image slider, embeddable categories, individual products and product segments
  • Improved content filtering for simplified restriction management (i.e. you may easily preview which pages are available to the specific customer, customer group, etc.)

Enhanced multi-organizational setup:

  • The ability to have full separation of all commerce data in a multi-organizational setup


  • Extended API, additional configurations and improved authentication methods to simplify integration with enterprise-level middleware & enterprise ERPs
  • The first vanilla connector into one of the leading middleware/ESB (enterprise service bus) software platforms


  • Improved management of product attributes
  • Enhanced safety of entity management tools
  • New sample data that address more use cases and helps better demonstrate OroCommerce capabilities to prospects from different industries and local markets
  • Additional localization improvements

Stay tuned for our new feature posts, which will explore major OroCommerce 3.1 LTS improvements in greater detail.

If you still have any questions about the OroCommerce 4.x product roadmap or would like to see a demo of the new 3.1 LTS, don’t hesitate to contact us.


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