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Quickly Integrate SAP B1 With OroCommerce Using APPSeCONNECT

May 14, 2018 | Oro Team

If you use OroCommerce and SAP Business One (aka SAP B1) is your enterprise resource planning (ERP) system, you’ll be pleased to know you can now quickly and easily connect both applications.

A ready-made solution by APPSeCONNECT that bridges OroCommerce and SAP B1 is now available. See how an in-depth integration of OroCommerce with SAP B1 will allow you to immediately realize the benefits of connecting B2B eCommerce with an ERP tool.

Why Integrate eCommerce and ERP Systems

Having your B2B eCommerce platform interact with an ERP system provides many benefits. Greater visibility, improved overall customer experience, ability to scale operations and automated data workflows are just a few. Once you link together your eCommerce system and ERP, all critical data related to orders, inventory, items, customers, shipping, and tracking flows naturally and in real time. Because you don’t manually re-enter data from one application to another, you don’t worry about data duplication or errors.

The turnkey SAP B1 to eCommerce integration by APPSeCONNECT provides benefits such as:

  • Rapid implementation and continuous support
  • Minimized upfront expenditure
  • No need to involve in-house development teams
  • Real-time business processes sync

APPSeCONNECT offers an easy to exploit, yet a fully functional solution that serves as a data communication channel between OroCommerce and SAP B1.

Integrating OroCommerce with SAP Business One

The connector for bi-directional integration between OroCommerce and SAP B1 provides two-way access and exchange of data stored and processed by both applications in real time.

This omnichannel integration allows businesses to leverage all of their technology investments to streamline operations and increase efficiencies. Key integrations include::


  • Customer sync
    OroCommerce customer data such as customer account, contact details, billing and shipping addresses are synchronized with SAP B1 Business Partner Master Data. If required, guest customer details can be also synced with SAP B1.


  • Product sync

Products created in SAP B1 can be listed in OroCommerce store. Additionally, OroCommerce product listings can be synced back to SAP B1.

  • Multiple price lists

It’s possible to map SAP Business One price lists to these in OroCommerce so that products can be ordered by different customers at different prices based on SAP B1 price list allocation.

  • Group-wise pricing

Multiple customer groups set in OroCommerce can be associated with respective price lists in SAP B1 to facilitate group-wise pricing within Oro Commerce.

  • Volume discounts

Set and sync tiered price discounts for selected items from either OroCommerce or SAP B1.

  • Product-related updates

Any changes made to product details in OroCommerce are instantly reflected in SAP B1 Item master data.


  • Stock sync

Inventory updates are pushed from SAP B1 in real time to display actual inventory levels in OroCommerce. Upon request, you can support different levels of inventory sync (e.g. In Stock-Committed and Ordered Inventory/In Stock-Committed inventory).

  • Order sync

OroCommerce orders placed by customers and guests are instantly converted into SAP B1 sales orders. Orders can be synced as drafts or unapproved orders.

  • Order totals

When online orders are converted into SAP B1 sales orders, proper tax and shipping charges are factored in order totals calculation.

  • Order value sync

Discounts, promotions, and coupons applied in OroCommerce are synced in SAP B1 to ensure identical sales order values in both applications.  

  • Order status updates

Once delivery is generated in SAP B1, customers are instantly updated every time the status of their order changes, from order pending to shipped/complete.


  • Payment sync

Payment methods used in OroCommerce are reflected in SAP B1. The online payment transaction ID is synced with SAP B1 sales order data and payment mode (PayPal, Authorize.Net, and others.)


  • Shipment details sync

Delivery details such as order tracking ID provided in SAP B1 are uploaded to OroCommerce.

  • Shipping method and shipment charges

Shipping method and shipment charges applied in OroCommerce are mapped to SAP B1 shipping method and freight.

  • Shipment tracking number

Shipment tracking number added to SAP Delivery Note is available to customers in OroCommerce storefront as an order tracking number.

By connecting B2B eCommerce with ERP, businesses streamline their operations. Integrating  OroCommerce with SAP B1 will allow you to efficiently plan your supply chain, improve order processing and fulfillment, get all sales transactions automatically recorded, and improve customer satisfaction.

Ready to remove technology silos in your company? Find out more about APPSeCONNECT pricing plans, features, and implementation at APPSeCONNECT website.

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