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Show Me the Feature – Dashboard, Reports and Segmentation

September 15, 2016 | Oro Team

It is imperative for managers to analyze their internal processes and track KPIs in order to gain insights into their business performance. Without this, they won’t know the difference between what is or is not working and it will be difficult to identify possible bottlenecks that require optimization.

For businesses selling online, this means choosing an eCommerce platform that provides all the metrics and features required by their organization. However, while online B2C businesses have a number of different platforms to choose from, the same is not true for online B2B businesses. This gap in offering has led us to invest thousands of research and development hours into OroCommerce’s reporting & analytics capabilities so that we could address the complex demands found in B2B eCommerce market.

OroCommerce Dashboard Features

An effective dashboard should have all the major business KPIs immediately available in a clear and comprehensible way. That’s why OroCommerce dashboard features are all built to give B2B sellers the ability to quickly and easily obtain the relevant data needed to assess business performance.

Dashboards are typically the first thing that sales managers see when they login. It includes dozens of different data wizards that managers can choose, allowing them to analyze nearly any aspect of their business. When a specific data wizard is not available out-of-the-box, it can easily be created and added to the dashboard. The dashboard is completely customizeable and flexible to fit any business need.

In addition, each sales rep, manager, and employee can create and manage their own custom dashboard, allowing them to track the data that is most relevant to them (i.e. revenues, lost opportunities, abandoned carts, and more).


OroCommerce Reports Features

While the dashboard is necessary for monitoring daily, weekly, or monthly KPIs, you may occasionally need to analyze specific sales and marketing campaigns. This makes it essential for a B2B eCommerce platform to generate customized, ad-hoc reports on any KPI, Oro entity, or business operation, regardless of the time period.

OroCommerce comes with a powerful and flexible reports engine that lets users create reports on any metric, giving them unparalleled insights into their business performance. To create a report, simply navigate to “Reports and Segments,” then select “Manage Custom Reports” (see Reports UI below). Through its innovative User Interface, OroCommerce reports features allow anyone in the organization (based on roles and permissions) to generate reports on entities already in the system, as well as any custom entities created by the user.

Once a user selects an entity (such as “Account”), he can refine his OroCommerce report features by selecting any accompanying data needed for the report, such as the account name, associated business units, and so on. In addition, the user can further refine the report by applying data filters, such as date of creation or owner phone number. Afterwards, he can generate the report and save it to his own reports dashboard.


OroCommerce Segmentation Features

Segmentation is a process that helps sellers organize their buyers according to a certain purchase behavior and 50% of B2B buyers identified that improved personalization is a key feature desired inB2B eCommerce. Thus, helping B2B eCommerce sellers segment and target their customers with the right offer at the right time is paramount. Recognizing this fact, the Oro team built out a robust and flexible set of OroCommerce segmentation features. This especially helps businesses selling to other businesses via self service models like companies buying online from Amazon Business of websites.

A flexible segmentation engine can also help wholesalers identify buyer segments and gain insights into what customers buy, when they buy, and how they buy. This will allow sellers to better manage inventory, promote related products, and optimize staff schedules during purchasing peaks (i.e. holidays).  Overall, the OroCommerce segmentation features help business give better service and a more personalized experience, resulting in increased store revenues.



Oro’s philosophy is that no two business are alike, which is why OroCommerce has been built with ultimate flexibility in mind. Even as we incorporate our robust list of features, we are still making it possible for businesses to extend and customize according to their own needs. The dashboard and reports features are no different. If your business needs these powerful data-mining capabilities, OroCommerce is the only B2B eCommerce platform designed specifically for you.

Explore these and other capabilities by heading to OroCommerce’ B2B eCommerce features page or the marketplace features list. You can test these features, as well as the rest of the OroCommerce product, by logging into our demo. We are always eager to get your feedback, so please either comment on this blog or send us a question or comment via our forum.

Thank you!

The Oro Team

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