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Simplify B2B eCommerce Vendor Selection with Free RFP Template

June 27, 2018 | Oro Team

For B2B companies moving online, selection of the right eCommerce platform is critical. Yet creating an RFP and comparing vendor offerings can be a complicated, labor-intensive, and time-consuming process. Oro has created an RFP Template to help.  Whether you are starting from scratch or just looking to re-platform your existing site, this RFP template will assist in evaluating vendors.

How the Template Helps

Selecting a vendor requires more than just comparing platform features. You need to know about scalability, omnichannel support, partner ecosystems and much more. We’ve put together the crucial questions you should ask when reviewing platforms and vendors. After all, during the search process, it’s not what you don’t know; but it’s what you don’t know that you don’t know that becomes the source of confusion. This template covers all the bases and is completely customizable. Add or delete questions to fit your needs.

What the RFP Template Includes

When you download the template, you’ll get an Excel spreadsheet divided into four sections:

Vendor Profile includes questions to help you evaluate the vendor background as well as familiarity with your industry and its needs. Not every vendor is well-suited for every situation. These questions help you familiarize yourself with a vendor before the first official conversation.

eCommerce Features covers the nuts and bolts of the platform. These questions probe essential B2B features such as pricing, catalog management, marketing capabilities, checkout flows, and your ability to customize standard features to meet your needs.

Technical Questionnaire includes the questions every CIO will want to know. Use this section to examine security, technologies used, and the IT infrastructure required to support the system. Find out if in-house and cloud options are available.

Licensing and Pricing clarify the actual cost of acquisition. These questions will help you uncover any hidden fees and additional expenses that don’t normally come to light in the RFP stage.

Will the Template Help You?

This template was designed with a variety of users in mind. Whether you are conducting your own in-house search or are a consultant working on behalf of a client, the RFP template includes the questions you need answered to make a fully-informed decision. Whether you are just entering the eCommerce arena or are a seasoned pro looking for a new platform, this RFP Template will guide your search.

This RFP Template should be used by:

  • Chief Executive Officers/Presidents
  • Business Owners
  • Chief Marketing Officers and Directors
  • IT Executives and Managers
  • Online Channel/eCommerce Managers
  • Business Digitization Consultants & Agencies
  • Business Development Executives

Just download the free RFP template, customize it as necessary, and begin your search. Even if you aren’t considering an Oro product, the Oro RFP Template will help.

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