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Animal Supply

The Background

With nearly 11,000 business customers, Animal Supply Company (ASC) is the national leader in distributing pet foods and supplies to independent pet stores, veterinary clinics, and other pet specialty retailers. ASC previously used a homegrown solution to manage their online business orders. The company grew aggresively by acquisition, resulting in the maintenance of multiple ERP systems, inventory warehouses, and websites. As they grew, Animal Supply looked for a flexible B2B eCommerce solution that could manage their complex and growing business needs.


ASC’s goal was to provide a modern B2B shopping experience for their business customers. This meant offering specific B2B features, such as multi-brand and website management, quick ordering capabilities, and automated custom pricing based on different customer groups, negotiated contracts, or geographical locations.

ASC also strives to become a mobile-first company where customers can order online at any time, from any place, on any device. In fact, ASC will be offering a B2B mobile application providing rewards and promotions for their loyal, high-value customers.

Finally, because Animal Supply needed a system to manage their countless relationships with manufacturers, retailers, and customers, Oro’s built-in CRM that works alongside our B2B eCommerce platform gave ASC the perfect solution to manage their online and offline business.

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