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Samuel Hubbard

The Background

B2B customers traditionally place repeat orders and purchase in bulk making them highly valuable customers. But for Samuel Hubbard, processing B2B orders was cumbersome because the sales team had to manually enter orders into their ERP. As the search for the right eCommerce technology commenced, the shoe manufacturer looked to automate this manual process by creating a streamlined checkout process for both returning and new B2B customers.


As their customer base grew, Samuel Hubbard realized it also needed customer relationship management (CRM) capabilities to manage their customer information. Oro’s ability to provide a complete CRM solution alongside a flexible eCommerce platform positioned OroCommerce ahead of its competition.

“We saw a demo of OroCommerce, and it wowed me with its out-of-box features and ability to do a very granular customizations without new software development,” said Noah Wheeler, Head of eCommerce Systems for Samuel Hubbard.

Samuel Hubbard is also investing in a mobile application where retailers can scan existing inventory and send back the data. After receiving the scanned data, Samuel Hubbard will then send back a recommended mix of new inventory resulting in higher customer order values.

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