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Cross Border eCommerce: Take Our Survey

May 16, 2018 | istrutynska

Digital commerce opens up numerous opportunities for B2B companies selling internationally. Its potential is astounding: by 2021, cross border B2B eCommerce transactions are projected to hit US $1.2 trillion. However, businesses looking to expand to global markets and reach overseas markets should be able to answer questions like: Do we have a sound eCommerce growth strategy in place? Are we embracing proper technology solutions? Do we get ahead of potential issues before they ever have an impact on our global B2B online sales?

Take the Cross Border B2B eCommerce survey launched by OroCommerce, and Avalara to re-evaluate your own cross border capabilities, identify challenges you may have faced, and get statistics and research data on how companies are seeing cross border eCommerce.

Who Should Take the Cross Border B2B eCommerce Survey?

The Cross Border B2B eCommerce survey is for any B2B company that operates globally or is looking to sell online internationally. No matter what industry you’re in, take a moment to briefly specify your company’s cross border eCommerce activities and share your opinion on the biggest challenges of global B2B online sales. The Cross Border B2B eCommerce Survey is not a traditional questionnaire collecting respondents’ data. The greatest thing about it is that you get access to all the data and insights.

Why You Should Participate

By taking this 2-3 minute survey, you’ll get a free first-look at the exclusive survey-based industry report. You should take the Cross Border B2B eCommerce survey to:

  • Get insights into the state of cross border B2B online sales.  
  • Forecast on cross border B2B eCommerce’s future growth and start thinking about your own cross border B2B eCommerce growth strategies.
  • Find out how other B2B peers sell internationally using an eCommerce channel.
  • Set industry-specific benchmarks related to sales activities and overall level of investment in cross border B2B eCommerce.
  • Take another look at the roadblocks to overcome when conducting B2B eCommerce across borders (site localization and personalization, handling of taxes, payment, shipping, etc.).

Have we mentioned that taking this survey is also fun? All participants can try their luck and win an Amazon Echo. We will keep our fingers crossed for you!

Start the Cross Border B2B eCommerce survey right now to unlock insights for opportunities in B2B cross border online sales.

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