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Swarming Technology Partners With OroCommerce

We are very excited to announce our recent partnership with Swarming Technology, a web development and technology services company located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Since its establishment in 2011, Swarming Technology has been a credible consultant of web services to organizations of all sizes providing them a wide range of technology solutions for businesses and partnering organizations seeking to establish or enhance their eCommerce platform. This includes consulting, development, or support services.

As a web services company with a robust background in eCommerce (development and maintenance of over 50 Magento builds) and extensive experience in both B2B and B2C online business practices, Swarming is ideally positioned for a flourishing partnership with OroCommerce. As an innovative B2B eCommerce platform, Oro Commerce would be a terrific complement to the growing repertoire of service offerings provided by Swarming Technology allowing both companies to establish a greater presence in the B2B market.

’’OroCommerce represents a robust and flexible solution for any business looking to offer a modern B2B e-commerce experience for their customers”, Robert Duffner, the Chief Ecommerce Architect at Swarming Technology says. “Swarming Technology is committed to building a successful partnership with Oro, and most importantly, offering the best e-commerce solutions to our customers.”
We at OroCommerce, are looking forward to provide the best eCommerce experience to our customers supported by Swarming Technology.

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