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Training Thursday: Configuring Shipping Rules and Shipping Method Integrations

August 17, 2017 | Oro Team

In today’s OroCommerce Training Thursday series, we’ll delve into the Shipping essentials to let you expand your knowledge of this functionality.

By watching our most recent tutorial videos, you will:

  • Learn what shipping methods you can offer your OroCommerce store customers;
  • Find out how to set up integrations with shipping providers;
  • Learn which shipping rules exist in the application and how to configure them to bind buyers to shipping methods.

Let’s take a closer look at what each video educates on.

How to Create Shipping Method Integrations

Shipping integrations allow sellers to enable shipping methods using third-party vendors or OroCommerce built-in capabilities. With everything coming out of the box, it’s possible to integrate UPS, DPD, and Flat Rate shipping functionalities into the OroCommerce store. Once a customer specifies their address when placing an order or a quote in the system, OroCommerce evaluates shipping methods against the qualifying shipping rules and displays shipping options relevant to the given location. Sellers can create an unlimited number of new shipping method integrations for each shipping method available to the customers on the storefront and delete them when required.

This video tutorial explains how to create the desired shipping method integration by integrating a Flat Rate shipping method for customers with different address attributes.

How to Create Shipping Rules

In OroCommerce, sellers can configure one or several shipping rules for users or add conditions to granularly target attributes of both buyers and products. For instance, it’s possible to create an expression offering a free shipping of a certain product. Shipping rules examine a customer’s address against the pre-defined rules and sort order to display only shipping options relevant to a specific customer.

This video shows how to create shipping rules to bind customers who live in specific areas to appropriate shipping methods or how to create shipping rules based on products acquired in the order.

For further details on configuring shipping rules, follow this link to the OroCommerce documentation.

Did you find today’s learning materials useful? The videos from the OroCommerce media library are available online anytime you need to watch them. Are there any other OroCommerce features you’d like us to cover in future training videos? Let us know in the comments below.

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