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Training Thursday: Create Products and Configure Price Lists in OroCommerce

August 3, 2017 | Oro Team

Welcome back to our OroCommerce Training Thursday series. Our most recent videos in OroCommerce media library will educate you on the essentials of products configuration in the front-end, and handling multi-tiered price lists in the back-end.

After watching these tutorials, you will be able to create

  • Product attributes and product families;
  • Simple products;
  • Configurable products;
  • Multiple price lists for customers, customer groups, and websites.

We offer a brief overview of each video from the today’s stack.

How to Create Product Attributes and Product Families

OroCommerce supports both product attributes and product families. Product attributes are configurable parameters for a product such as products size, color, brand, name, inventory status, and the like. They can be arranged into a product family that is a group of related attributes to be displayed as a titled section at the OroCommerce front store. Both product components are used when creating simple and configurable products. This video is a step-by-step explanation of how to create a new product attribute and product family.  

How to Create Simple Products

Simple products are physical items that exist in a basic, single variation. Their qualifiers, such as color or size, cannot be modified meaning customers can’t select the same product with slightly different characteristics. Simple products have a unique SKU and serve as ‘building blocks’ for configurable products. This video tutorial demonstrates how to create simple products using components like product attributes and families.

How to Create Configurable Products

Unlike a simple product, a configurable product is an item available in multiple variations. Customers ‘configure’ the product in terms of its color, size or any other applicable parameters according to buying needs. This training video shows how to set up a new configurable product in the system. To advance your knowledge of this feature, refer to the instructions provided in the Products section of the OroCommerce documentation.

How to Configure Price Lists for Customers, Customer Groups, and Websites

In OroCommerce, vendors can easily set up and customize multiple lists for customers, customer groups, and websites. They can build their price lists with any amount of price points, price tiers or currencies. This video tutorial dives deep into how to configure price lists for a customer and customer group. It also explains how to create a price list for a specific website and build aggregated price lists for every website configured in OroCommerce. To learn more about pricing, take at look at this part of our online documentation.

We hope this video stack comes in handy and offer you the help needed to beef up your OroCommerce knowledge.

Are there any other OroCommerce features you’d like us to cover in future training videos? Let us know in the comments below.

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