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[Webinar] How to Master the Never-Ending Peak in Logistics

February 10, 2021 | Oro Team

Picavio, an intralogistics company, is hosting a new online series, Smart Logistics on Air, that is dedicated to exploring the future of logistics. In this upcoming webinar, industry experts will share insights on the development of eCommerce within the logistics space. Based on current estimates, up to 95% of all purchases will be made online by 2040. How will your business keep up with the demand and keep your business running efficiently?

This upcoming webinar will feature Alexander Scheibel, Director of Product at AfterPay, and Yoav Kutner, Founder & CEO at Oro Inc., as they both discuss the future of eCommerce and digital transformation.

Reserve your spot your spot for How to Master the Never-Ending Peak in Logistics on Thursday March 11th, 9am CST

Yoav Kutner’s session, Change Management through Digital Transformation: A Story of a Large US Pet Products Distributor, will highlight the importance of change management through the adoption of B2B eCommerce technology. We will discuss key components of organizational readiness for new technology adoption and zoom in on the story of a large US pet products distributor and their digitization journey.

What you’ll learn:

  • Why is adopting eCommerce a transformational change for B2B companies?
  • Change Management through the Transformation
  • AnimalSupply Company’s Story
    • background and challenges driving the need for transformation
    • drafting the strategy
    • going live with an MVP
    • next steps and further improvements

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