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Webinar Recap: OroCommerce 4.1 LTS Demo. You Asked, We Answered.

February 19, 2020 | Oro Team

During our recent webinar on the OroCommerce 4.1 LTS, the Oro leadership team went in-depth to cover all the major features, improvements, and fixes of this release.

To everyone who attended, we want to thank you for joining in. We hope you enjoyed it and got a good idea of what the OroCommerce 4.1 LTS Release is all about. In case you missed it, you can watch the recording of the webinar below. We’ve also provided you with a summary of the main things we talked about. For those who stuck around til the end, we took questions to better address these changes – some of which we’ll also share.

OroCommerce 4.1 Webinar Play

OroCommerce 4.1 LTS Demo Summary

Storefront API features

  • More improvements to OAuth 2.0 for Oro applications. 
  • The API is getting new endpoints for customer, customer user, products, searches, orders, and master & web catalogs.
  • New integrations with back-office systems, as well as more opportunities for PWA, front-end development, and integration with Front-Commerce. 
  • A storefront implementation and UI kit that will simplify storefront customization – something that will be welcomed by designers and developers.

OroCommerce 4.1 LTS features

  • Enhanced Ecommerce integration and Google Tag Manager is now an out-of-the-box feature.
  • Digital asset management improvements for file publishing and access options. We also touched upon multiple file attributes, image fields and how they look in your storefront.
  • New content management features including a new WYSIWYG editor, including customizable content properties, as well as editing and draft saving permissions.
  • The editor also lets you preview content on multiple themes and multiple devices.
  • Predefined widget controls for landing pages, including home page sliders, product blocks and their access options.
  • The ability to configure B2B eCommerce websites to B2C with one click.
  • The ability to export filtered product data from product lists.
  • Select admin roles are given the ability to log in as a customer user.
  • Lastly, we shared what’s planned for the next LTS update, the OroCommerce version 4.2 LTS.

OroCommerce 4.1 LTS Demo Q & A

There were a number of great questions asked during the webinar, and some that we didn’t have time to address. Our CTO Dima Soroka got around to answering them, and here some of them:

Questions about the Storefront API

Is it possible to use OroCommerce as headless with the functionalities available through the API?

Yes. We have customers doing this already, adding eCommerce functionalities to Drupal and WordPress. All key functions are currently available, a major one which is still a work in progress is workflows including checkout workflow.

Can the web catalog be modified or created via API?

The new API for storefront allows you to use (not modify) the web catalog. We’ve already had requests for the web catalog management API and added this to our backlog, but have no release commitments yet.

Is the shopping list exposed to API?

Yes, the shopping list API is part of this release.

Can product widgets be accessed from an external system such as a blog?

Not yet, but information can be retrieved via API and rendered by a blog engine.

General questions about OroCommerce 4.1 LTS

Which browsers & versions is the CMS made for?

The recommended and supported browsers are: Mozilla Firefox (latest); Google Chrome (latest); Microsoft Internet Explorer 11 and above; Microsoft Edge (latest); Safari (latest).

Will this WYSIWYG also be available for customer and customer user emails?

Not in this release, right now it is used for content elements only.

Is there a plugin to add Google Optimize?

Yes, Google Tag Manager, as well as Advanced Google Analytics integration, are part of this release.

Are there any limits on file sizes of total files stored?

The limits will depend on the actual infrastructure size parameters.

Are there limits for the number of products? 

We have customers that are running large catalogs (8M+).

What price will be shown with the widget? 

The price shown would be specific to the customer.

Is it possible to embed third-party widgets in the WYSIWYG?

Yes, you can customize additional widget types or create and publish proper extensions.

Is it possible to move navigation to the left side instead of having them listed vertically?

Not yet, this feature is on our roadmap for the upcoming LTS release. We have customers that have done this through customizations.

Will there be some new bundles for 4.1 in Enterprise?

Yes, the 4.1 LTS will come with some new bundles.

Once again, we want to thank everyone for taking the time out to participate in our webinar and in the discussion. If you haven’t done so, now is the ideal time to upgrade your OroCommerce and make the most out of OroCommerce 4.1 LTS.

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