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Webinar Recap: Strategies for Improving Customer Journey and Increasing Conversions

October 10, 2017 | Oro Team

Last week, Oro was joined by Apruve and to co-host the webinar ‘Strategies for Improving Customer Journey and Increasing Conversions’. It was really great to have so many people join in the discussion! Big thanks to everyone for their keen interest and involvement. If you missed the webcast, catch up on the essentials by reading the session recap below and use the link to view the entire webinar.

Webinar Subject

The webinar focused on how B2B companies should transform the way they transact business to meet changing customer expectations. It covered a number of technology innovations that are transforming B2B commerce and covered one merchant’s journey to bringing the B2B buying experience online.

Key Takeaways:

  • Buying patterns, trends, and expectations are shifting in the B2B environment. Nowadays 74% of B2B customers buy from a website because it’s more convenient than buying from a salesperson.
  • Critical features B2B businesses must invest in to provide their customers the ultimate digital buying experience include user-friendly and feature-rich corporate accounts; intuitive UI; quick order and reorder capabilities; request-for-quote options, etc.
  • OroCommerce enables you to support efficient B2B customer journey.
  • The credit card is a perfect solution for B2C eCommerce, but B2B is more complicated. B2B eCommerce businesses mustn’t go with what is easy and available, over adapting their payment preferences to meet the needs of their customers.
  • Online B2B credit and payment challenges can be addressed and streamlined using a credit program designed by Apruve specifically for B2B eCommerce.
  • It is important to design everything from the customer’s perspective. Online merchant,, shared how they successfully designed their services and workflow to facilitate the entire B2B commerce process.

Watch the complete webinar recording to dive deep into how your company can improve B2B customer journey and achieve higher conversion rates.

Want to know more? Get in touch with us to learn how you can handle online transactions, extend payment terms, or issue real-time credit line approvals using OroCommerce.

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