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B2B eCommerce

Why Bring Your B2B Business Online?

September 10, 2015 | Oro Team

The Advantages of B2B eCommerce

For years, ecommerce has been solely controlled by B2C brands. As consumers have navigated more and more to digital media for researching, validating and ultimately purchasing personal and household products, the online retail giants like Amazon and eBay are making a killing. So why should it be any different for B2B brands?

The short answer: it shouldn’t. As consumer behavior shifts and the world grapples with a supply chain crisis, it’s changing the way businesses make purchases, too. Why? Because these same people making purchases for businesses are also making purchases for themselves everyday. The methods they enact in their personal lives are carried over into their business purchases. In fact, a whopping 93% of B2B buyers prefer to purchase online with self-serve information and ordering options from vendors, according to Forrester Research.

And it’s not simply about being able to make the purchase from a B2B online business. B2B buyers are also discovering new products and services online, whether actively by looking or passively through shared content, banner ads, native ads or a myriad of other online sources. They’re then researching these B2B products and services and validating their decisions through reviews, recommendations (also both active and passive), forums, original content and social channels. (more…)

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