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New Innovation: YouTube Video Support in OroCommerce

March 7, 2019 | Oro Team

Embedding YouTube videos into your product pages is a great way to improve your online experience and boost conversions. The new YouTube Video Support innovation from OroCommerce enables you to do just that – it helps you fully educate your potential buyers on your products and encourage them to make a purchase.  


youtube video support example


The decisive impact of videos for modern marketing and customer engagement is an undeniable fact. Numerous research data confirm the huge value of video content for marketing, sales, brand building, and customer support purposes. Here’s a short summary of some benefits:

  • Videos are the most preferred way of learning about the product among buyers
  • Videos dramatically improve conversion
  • Websites with videos see significantly more traffic from search engines
  • Pages with videos have a lower bounce rate as well as encourage customers to browse on other pages and spend much more time on your website
  • Most buyers report greater confidence in buying a product after watching the video, which leads to less frequent returns
  • A majority of businesses and marketers see tangible results and good ROI from using videos

In B2B eCommerce, products videos are sometimes a must as products can be complex. They are invaluable for demonstrating the assembly of different product parts, product installation and usage, and customer success stories. Finally, product videos help you stand out from the competition and build a professional brand image, which is so important for B2B customers who seek reliable suppliers. With OroCommerce, you can have your video content where your customers are most likely to watch it – on product pages.

For an even better buyer experience on your B2B eCommerce website, consider how YouTube Video Support may work together with the Product Information Attachments capability.   

Attention: Please note that the YouTube Video Support capability is only available to select customers. To learn more, you can contact your support representative, fill out our inquiry form, or simply comment on the post.

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