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Growing B2B eCommerce Website Traffic and Revenue [Part 2]

Business Strategies to Keep Traffic and Revenue Flowing
This paper is Part 2 of our guide series. We provide hands-on advice and practical strategies to troubleshoot and boost eCommerce traffic and overcome revenue stagnation.
Growing B2B eCommerce Website Traffic and Revenue
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Who is this guide for?

We’ve gathered helpful tips for businesses that may be new to B2B eCommerce as well as companies that have been online for years. The structure of the guide was made for readers to skip to the sections that are most relevant to their particular business and situation.

This B2B eCommerce guide will be most helpful for:

  • Marketing Executives and Directors
  • eCommerce Managers
  • Business Owners
  • Chief Executive Officers/Presidents
Only marketing and innovation produce revenue; all the rest are costs.

Peter Drucker  /

Business management consultant, Educator, and Author

What will you find in the guide?

Part 2 of this guide goes beyond search engine traffic and shows you where to look for unleveraged opportunities. The guide will cover:

Marketing Budget

Understand what your budget should include and compare your marketing budget to industry benchmarks.

User Experience

Discover business bottlenecks and learn the most important user experience trends in B2B commerce that can improve your bottomline.

Quality Content

Learn the benefits of a well-thought-out content strategy for B2B business and learn how to leverage it for maximum ROI.


Explore how to properly execute promotions and how to utilize them to break out of traffic and revenue plateaus.


See if you are realizing the full potential of your existing customer base. Review some of the tools and techniques that we recommend.

Co-Marketing and More

Learn to reach new audiences through interesting examples of co-marketing and discover other ways to innovate your marketing.

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