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B2B eCommerce Platform CTOs Fall in Love With

Deploy a secure and stable B2B eCommerce platform that makes your job easier
B2B eCommerce Platform CTOs Fall in Love With
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As a CTO, you’re under pressure to deploy future-proof solutions that live up to the expectations of the leadership team. If you are tired of buggy systems that devour resources and hamper your ability to scale, take a look at the B2B eCommerce platform designed from the ground up for growth, flexibility, and comes ready with functionality crucial for the complexities of B2B selling.

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Key Benefits of OroCommerce

  1. Scalability

    Easily Scale with Enterprise-Grade SaaS eCommerce

    Easily handle millions of SKUs or more without worrying about the impact on site performance.

    With OroCommerce’s multi-website and multi-language capabilities, you can easily deploy sub-brands, local subsidiaries, or specialty websites for different business units under one master admin account.

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  2. Efficiency

    Lower Total Cost of Ownership

    OroCommerce was built from the ground up for B2B eCommerce complexities. You get a much leaner solution than with platforms repurposed for B2B as most of the features you need are ready out-of-the-box.

    When you deploy an eCommerce platform that caters to the needs of B2B,  you save on development hours and get to market faster with a shorter time to ROI.

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  3. Flexibility

    Easily Customize and Deploy Anywhere

    Easily customize and configure OroCommerce to your specific needs. The robust workflow automation engine allows you to digitize and automate manual processes to eliminate costly human errors.

    With OroCommerce, you gain the flexibility to deploy anywhere. Deploy on any public cloud such as AWS, Azure, or GCP or use OroCloud services that use Google Cloud Platform (GCP) as the infrastructure layer.

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  4. Connectivity

    Smoothly Integrate with ERP and Other Business Systems

    OroCommerce’s dynamic front-and-back-end APIs make it easy to integrate OroCommerce with any other business application. Keep data in sync and streamline communications across all departments.

    The robust API allows you to leverage Headless eCommerce as well as PWA capabilities to meet your business needs.

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  5. Security

    Ensure Stability with Certified Reliable Open Source Solution

    OroCommerce is an open-source product backed by a vibrant community of developers. Enjoy complete code transparency, excellent product reliability, and tested security advantages.

    Oro Inc. is a SOC2 certified organization. That means we guarantee the highest level of internal security, confidentiality, and availability of our SaaS products. OroCommerce platform is also PCI DSS compliant.

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OroCommerce Headless eCommerce Success Story

Animal Supply brought 40 legacy ERPs and 30 B2C shopping carts into one order management system with OroCommerce
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We chose OroCommerce because it gave us the flexibility and functionality to implement our digital strategy exactly how we wanted it.

Senior Director of eCommerce at ASC

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