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OroCommerce Customer Showcase

Distributors, Wholesalers, Brands, and Manufacturers that Use OroCommerce

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  • The robust functionality and highly customizable OroCommerce platform will be a great fit for our company’s B2B needs.

  • B2B eCommerce is one of Aldo's key strategies for success. We evaluated various solutions and agencies to help us successfully execute on our strategy and vision. After a careful evaluation, it was very clear to us that OroCommerce is the best B2B eCommerce solution...

  • Compared to other platforms, OroCommerce was the one that met a high percentage of Testrut's requirements, both with the current version and with future releases.

  • Oro stood out to us because, out of the box, it provided solutions we had fought hard to shoe-horn into our previous platform. The stability and reliability of that as the basis for was incredibly important to us.

  • We chose OroCommerce because it gave us the flexibility and functionality to implement our digital strategy exactly how we wanted it.

  • OroCommerce has the most robust feature set for the B2B back-end and offers the best B2C customer experience on the front-end.

  • It was essential to include the teams in this project and to support them in getting to grips with the platform so that they understood all the opportunities. We will also continue to call on them to develop it according to their needs and their feedback.

  • We have worked closely with Oro to develop a platform that gives our customers a modern and efficient purchasing experience. Oro is a good foundation to build out whatever we need on our eCommerce site. PetraCentral™ has the convenience of consumer ecommerce sites but is specially designed to suit the unique needs of our customers’ businesses.

  • We considered many of the most popular eCommerce platforms and OroCommerce was the only solution we found with true B2B functionality, with no patches required, and CRM included in the price. With Oro any customizations requested were possible, anything we asked for, Oro said - "yes, we can do that." We weren’t going to get that level of flexibility with anyone else in the market.

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