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The Challenge

Hoyes Michalos were using a legacy system restricting the company from effectively managing leads after they have been qualified.

Customer inquiries submitted via website contact forms were sent to a single email inbox and couldn’t be automatically captured as leads. The company was looking for a collaborative and flexible CRM solution that could address all of these issues and help them better manage leads and prospects.

They required a CRM that would:

  • Automatically create leads based on email inquiries as soon as it come into the inbox.
  • Enable the company’s 60 representatives to easily qualify leads.
  • Enable the reps to immediately respond to the incoming inquiries and initiate real-time conversations with the prospects.
  • Be seamlessly integrated with their email servers to ensure all communications are logged in the CRM.

The Solution

Because OroCRM is a full-featured yet highly customizable application, Hoyes Michalos got not just any CRM, but the CRM they needed.

Meeting their project timeline, the company went live with a custom CRM that could:

  • Get email inquiries automatically converted into leads once they arrived in the email inbox.
  • Instantly get in touch with the leads once they showed interest .
  • Capture and keep track of leads coming from multiple sources as well as detect and merge possible lead duplicates.
  • Create a unique workflow to ensure leads are properly assigned, qualified, and nurtured through the entire sales process.
  • Synchronize their existing email system with OroCRM to log and store a complete communication history.

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