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European Distributor begins ambitious replatforming strategy to improve customer journey

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For many years, Trigano has positioned itself as the European leader in the design and manufacture of leisure vehicles. With its network of 1,200 distributors across Europe, the group achieved 2.2 billion euros in sales over the previous year. And Trigano intends to preserve its # 1 position thanks to an ambitious development strategy.

2.5B Euro
Annual Revenue
70% Total
Sales in B2B

The Challenge

Trigano’s business is divided into two distinct parts: leisure vehicles which represents 91.5% of turnover and leisure equipment which represents 8.5% of turnover. Customers who buy their vehicles can either equip, enrich, or improve them, so it’s important to offer customers equipment adapted and matched to their vehicles.

Aware of the increasingly important role of eCommerce in the B2B sector, Trigano has been dedicated to digitization for years. As a start, they set up a home grown online portal that was developed in-house that would allow their dealers to order vehicles online, which they will then sell directly to dealerships. As they began to grow, they realized that they needed a new, modern platform to take their business to the next level. 

As business grew, it became very apparent that their functionalities were no longer suitable and it was necessary to migrate to a more efficient platform more suited to B2B. They decided to begin their replatforming project with two subsidiaries: Euro Accessories and CMC Distribution. Each business offers more or less the same accessories and the same services, but they each have their own customers.


This solution is definitely placed above the others. It immediately struck us as interesting in relation to our needs. Its positioning clearly corresponded to our expectations and its functionalities seemed quite relevant.

Nicolas Cissa
eCommerce Manager at Trigano

The Solution

Trigano selected OroCommerce as their new B2B eCommerce platform. With OroCommerce, Trigano’s primary objective was to facilitate and streamline the purchasing process for customers. With OroCommerce, Trigano was able to implement a digitized RMA integration that allows customers to effectively notify their potential merchandise returns, thus providing a more fluid and faster response to customer requests. 

In addition, when a customer is identified on the site, they now have a completely personalized offer as well as adapted prices provided by the ERP through a web service. This allows them to save a considerable amount of time and to know exactly the amount of their orders.

The two sites are now technically more efficient and responsive. Enough to improve the customer experience, but also to promote autonomy and leave them a positive and pleasant feeling.

Trigano also implemented: 

  • quick ordering
  • live inventory
  • live pricing

On the internal side, Trigano has prioritized efficiency by automating the entire purchasing process, from order taking to delivery. For future goals, Trigano plans on utilizing workflows to digitize a large number of low value-added tasks and, thus, free up more time for the teams.

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