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Wastequip Embarks on Digital Transformation for 12+ Brands Starting With Mountain Tarp Using OroCommerce

Headquartered in Charlotte, NC, and with a presence throughout North America, Wastequip is the leading manufacturer of waste handling equipment. With over 2,000 employees and 38 facilities, Wastequip has a reputation for manufacturing expertise and product innovation. Over the years, Wastequip has acquired companies such as Galbreath, Confab, ContainerPros, Wastebuilt and Amrep under its umbrella.
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The Challenge

To streamline the ordering process and save customers time, Wastequip turned to eCommerce. The company was looking for an eCommerce B2B site for its brand Mountain Tarp®. Originally Mountain Tarp was a branding site with very little online presence. It would be Wastequip’s first eCommerce project and serve as a foundation for the rest of its brands.

Wastequip focused on finding a sophisticated yet sharp-looking eCommerce site that was easy to navigate. When starting the search, Wastequip identified the following critical business factors:

  • A strong B2B focus
  • Easily utilize Salsify (PIM) to manage content
  • Flexible customer pricing management
  • Ability to manage shipping rules
  • Overall ease of use

Wastequip turned to its partner to identify a suitable eCommerce platform. was able to offer several options that they felt could meet these requirements.

Our website has become a resource for our sales team. The ability to view our website on multiple devices, and the ease with which we can update our products with custom integrations has made this an easy site to support, which has enabled us to focus on other aspects of managing our eCommerce business.

Kevin Creese

eCommerce Director at Wastequip

The Solution

Wastequip had strong expectations from the eCommerce platform and focused on solutions built for the B2B use case from the ground up.


The company explored platforms such as BigCommerce, Idec, and Znode but ultimately decided OroCommerce served its needs best. OroCommerce was able to provide:

  • Multi-item ordering functionality
  • Multi-pricing and detailed price management
  • A multi-tenant software solution
  • Easy to navigate website

Due to its intuitive design and SEO-friendly architecture, Wastequip’s website saw rapid adoption and traffic. Eventually, the company saw an 8x increase in web traffic. integrated OroCommerce with Salsify, which connects pricing, product category information, product content, and digital assets. Integration with Cybersource’s payment gateway, Avalara’s tax management system, and FedEx parcel and LTL shipping systems were also implemented. has also recently integrated Hawksearch for Wastequip’s Mountain Tarp website.

Looking into the future, Wastequip hopes to further grow its digital reach by expanding the eCommerce presence to other brands while continuing to perfect the Mountain Tarp site.

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