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Maximize the Efficiency of Your Digital Channel

Improve customer experiences and employee productivity with
a purpose-built B2B eCommerce solution
See it in action
Maximize the Efficiency of Your Digital Channel
See it in action

Digital directors need accurate data to make smart decisions and powerful tools to grow sales numbers and optimize sales team processes. However, many eCommerce managers are faced with delivering results using siloed data, outdated management practices, and legacy eCommerce systems. Remove the roadblocks to your digital channel’s success with a platform specifically built for the complexity of B2B eCommerce transactions.

ecommerce for digital directors

How does OroCommerce help
B2B eCommerce directors achieve their goals?

  1. Grow

    Increase sales and expand your market share

    • Keep your marketing and sales pipeline full with a mobile-optimized and SEO-friendly B2B eCommerce portal complete with personalized catalogs, promotions and price lists.
    • Easily enter new markets with a solution that supports multiple organizations, websites, warehouses, languages, currencies, taxation rules, and payment options.
    • Provide unique and relevant customer experiences with personalized self-serve B2B portals. Offer each customer group or even a particular customer the products, prices, shipping, payment options, or even an entire store-front that is customized to their needs.
    • Leverage a robust promotions engine to engage with potential customers by creating custom discount and promotion rules based on their profile.
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    Increase sales and expand your market share
  2. Optimize

    Improve operational efficiency through automation

    • With OroCommerce’s set of extended front-end and back-end open APIs, disconnected systems are a thing of the past. Maintain visibility into sales, product, and customer data with 2-way integrations with ERP, CRM, PIM, eProcurement, and other business systems.
    • Leverage the data collected and pulled into the platform from connected business systems, such as the integration of Google Enhanced eCommerce. Build custom reports and dashboards to gain better visibility into your KPIs.
    • Decrease your order handling costs with automation. Give your customers 24/7 access and control over the sales process with a self-service portal. Let your sales team focus on upselling and nurturing new prospective customers instead of mundane order entry and follow-up tasks.
    • Automate your contract negotiation process and minimize costly human errors. OroCommerce offers Request for Quote (RFQ), and configure price quote (CPQ) workflows built into the platform out-of-the-box.
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    Improve operational efficiency through automation
  3. Customize

    Tailor your solution to your unique business needs

    • Open-source code gives you unfettered access to your eCommerce platform, allowing you to customize, expand, or build additional features on top of robust core B2B capabilities.
    • The flexible and extensive API allows you to integrate with any business system without depending on or being limited by your vendor.
    • Leverage powerful PWA capabilities and create lightweight mobile apps that are laser-focused on the use cases for your specific target market.
    • Become truly customer-centric with the CRM system included with OroCommerce. Create your own reports that give you timely customer data without leaving your eCommerce platform.
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    Tailor your solution to your unique business needs
  4. Be Agile

    Shorten time to market and act on opportunities

    • Go to market and achieve ROI faster with a solution that’s built for B2B and completely customizable to your unique industry, customer, or business requirements.
    • Grow with an eCommerce platform that quickly adapts and adjusts to the changing demands of the industry through its open-source nature and the ever-growing ecosystem of contributors and partners.
    • Easily change your selling models or launch new channels be it B2C, B2B2C, B2B2B, or B2G- all with one platform.
    • Scale without worrying about degrading the performance of your eCommerce website. Designed with B2B complexity in mind, OroCommerce easily handles catalogs with millions of SKUs.
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    Shorten time to market and act on opportunities

Success Story:
25% Online Revenue Increase
with OroCommerce

Trupar successfully launched their B2B eCommerce portal and scaled it to meet the 8-million+ product database
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trupar success
OroCommerce has the most robust feature set for the B2B back-end and offers the best B2C customer experience on the front-end.
sean mcdonnell trupar

Sean McDonnell

CEO of

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