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MS Exchange Integration

OroCRM application supports integration with Microsoft Exchange server. This means that emails from mailboxes on the MS Exchange server can be automatically uploaded to your Oro application.


This feature is only available in the Enterprise edition.

Prerequisites for the Integration

To set up an integration between your Oro application and MS Exchange Server, make sure that:

  • Your MS Exchange Server version is 2007 or newer.
  • The administrator of the Microsoft Exchange Server account has created at least one user with the permission to impersonate the necessary accounts on the related Exchange Server (super-user).


The impersonation procedure may be different depending on the MS Exchange version you use. More information on this is described in detail in the Microsoft API and Reference Catalog and the Configure Impersonation article.

Configure the Integration with MS Exchange Server

To configure MS Exchange integration settings in your Oro application:

  1. Navigate to System > Configuration > System Configuration > Integrations > MS Exchange.

  2. To enable MS Exchange Integration, check Enabled and define the following details:

    Name Description
    Server Enter the name of your Microsoft Exchange Server instance
    Version Choose the server version from the drop-down menu
    Login and Password Enter the credentials of the super-user.
    Domain List Define the domains, to which you will grant access. At least one domain must be defined.
  3. Click Save Settings.

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