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Authorize.Net Integration

To set up integration with Authorize.Net, complete the following:

  1. In the main menu, navigate to System > Integrations > Manage Integrations.

  2. On the Manage Integrations page, click Create Integration on the top right.

  3. On the Create Integration page, provide the following information:

    • Basic Information:

    • Display Options:

      • Label and Short label—See Common Payment Integration Details for the description of these fields.
      • Allowed Credit Card Types—Select one or more items from the list of the credit card types. Supported types are Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express. Press and hold the Ctrl or Shift key and click on the items to select.
    • Integration:

    • Advanced Settings:

      • Payment Actions—Select one of the options:

        • Authorize—The payment gateway checks with the cardholder’s issuing bank that the submitted card is valid and that there are sufficient funds to cover the transaction. The required amount is placed on hold on the card but not yet charged. To charge the amount, you must perform the capture action in the order details. This is usually done after the order is shipped or ready to be shipped.


          You have 30 days to capture the payment.

        • Authorize and Charge—The payment gateway checks the card with the cardholder’s issuing bank and, if everything is OK, initiates a money transfer from the card to your account. This payment action is recommended when the order is fulfilled immediately after the purchase (e.g. for digital goods sales).

    • Other:

  4. Click Save.

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