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Understanding Quote Workflows


For general information on using workflows, see the Workflow Management section.

Quote workflows lead a sales person through the process of gaining agreement with a buyer on a quote. Backoffice workflows control the actions available in the management console.

Out of the box, OroCommerce supports two mutually exclusive quote management workflows:

  • Quote Management Flow — A simple quote management flow, where a sales person is not bound by any limitations and can handle the sale without supervision.
  • Backoffice Quote Flow with Approvals — A flow, where a sales person might have to get approval from the authorized person (e.g. their manager) before sending the quote with updated prices to the buyer.


Approval is not requested when the Price Override Requires Approval option is disabled in the workflow configuration. In this case, both workflows follow the simple quote management flow, with no approvals. See the Enable Approvals in Workflow Configuration section for more information on how to enable approvals.

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