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Symfony Profiler

The Layout section of the Symfony Profiler page contains:

  • Layout Tree
  • Not Applied Actions
  • Context

Layout Tree

The tree of block views with block id and block type is located in the left part of the Layout Tree section.

The right part of Layout Tree section contains information about the selected block view.

It contains the following blocks:

  • Build Block Options – collected when the buildBlock method is triggered.
  • Build View Options – collected when the buildView method is triggered.
  • View VariablesBlockView vars
Symfony Profiler - Layout

Symfony Profiler – Layout

To disable the Layout Tree in the developer toolbar, navigate to System > Configuration > Development Settings > Generate Layout Tree Dump For The Developer Toolbar.


This options works only when the debug mode is enabled.

Not Applied Actions

The Not Applied Actions section contains all actions that were not applied when generating the layout tree.

Developer Toolbar

The developer toolbar panel contains the icon that shows the count of block views for the current page. When you hover over the count of block views, it shows the layout context items information.

Layout developer toolbar

Layout developer toolbar

Debug Layout Blocks

To enable block debug information, navigate to System > Configuration > Development Settings > Include Block Debug Info Into HTML.

Each block in HTML has the following data attributes:

  • data-layout-debug-block-id – a unique identifier of the current block
  • data-layout-debug-block-template – the template of the current block that was rendered


If you want to render block debug information in HTML, you need to define the {{ block(‘block_attributes’) }} for each twig block you have.


{% block _page_container_widget %}
    <div{{ block('block_attributes') }}>
        {{ block_widget(block) }}
{% endblock %}

{% block _header_widget %}
    <header{{ block('block_attributes') }}>
        {{ block_widget(block) }}
{% endblock %}
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