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After you submit an order, it is available in the Order History, where you can review the ordered items, billing and shipping information.

The following guide focuses on the Order History section of the OroCommerce storefront.

Open and past orders are located:

  1. In the Quick Access Menu under Orders.
  2. Under Account > Order History in the menu on the left.

View Order History

The Order History page contains two sections:

  • All open orders
  • All past orders

All open orders table contains the following information:

  • Ordered By
  • Step (Order review, Payment, Billing Information)
  • Started From (Quote #X, Shopping List X)
  • Items
  • Subtotal
  • Started at (date)
  • Last Updated
  • Payment Method
  • Shipping Method
  • PO Number
  • DNSLT (Do Not Ship Later Than)
  • Shipping
  • Total
  • Customer Notes
  • Completed

Click Check Out at the end of the row to proceed to the checkout. You will be redirected to the ordering process page (the step where you left off).

Click Delete at the end of the row to delete an open order.

All past orders table contains the following information:

  • Order Number
  • Create At
  • Shipping Address
  • Total
  • Payment Method
  • Payment Status
  • PO Number
  • DNSLT (Do Not Ship Later Than)
  • Currency
  • Subtotal
  • Shipping Method
  • Updated At

Click View at the end of the row to view an order.


Information displayed in the tables depends on the columns selected in the grid settings.

Within each of the tables, you have the following action buttons available:

  • Refresh the view table: click to update the view table.
  • Reset the view table: click to clear view table customization and return to default settings. Reset applies to all filters, records per page and sorting changes that you have made.
  • Adjust the table settings: click to define which columns to show in the table.
  • Filter the displayed orders: click Filters .

View Orders


Click the order in the table to open it.

On opening a selected open order, you will be redirected to the ordering process page (the step where you left off).



Click the order in the table to open it.


Past order view page contains the following information:

  • Order Date
  • Billing Address
  • Shipping Address
  • Shipping Tracking Numbers
  • Shipping Method
  • Payment Method
  • Payment Status
  • Items Ordered (Products, Quantity, Price, Ship By, Notes)
  • Subtotal
  • Shipping Price
  • Tax
  • Discount
  • Total

To return to the Order History page, click Back to Orders List on the bottom left of the view page.

You can print the selected past order by clicking Print Order below the order number.

Create Order

You can create an order in two ways:

  • From a shopping list
  • From a quick order form

Shopping List

To create an order from a shopping list:

  1. Navigate to Shopping Lists.

  2. From the drop-down list, select the required shopping list.

  3. Click View Details.

  4. To create an order, either click Create Order on the right of the shopping list name, or scroll down to the bottom of the page and click Create Order on the bottom right of the shopping list view page.


    If there are any discounts that apply to your order, this will be displayed in the order totals.

    ../../_images/CreateOrder1.png ../../_images/CreateOrder2.png
  5. Follow the required steps to submit the order, as described in the Checkout Process topic.

Quick Order Form

The quick order form allows customers to work on large orders in an efficient manner using search by product SKUs and names, or import their purchase lists into the system. Customers can work on multiple orders simultaneously and they can easily switch between different shopping carts or start new orders at any time. Quick order forms can be created by both registered and guest users.

To create an order using a quick order form:

  1. Navigate to Quick Access Menu in the top right corner of the page.

  2. Click Quick Order Form.


    Please note that if you are a guest user, you will be able to see only Quick Order Form at the top. Only registered customers can view and manage quotes and orders. Also, please keep in mind that only one shopping list is available for guest customers.

  3. Provide order details (item, quantity #, and unit) in the given fields and click Create Order.


    You can also search the product by name, in which case, you need to select it from the suggestions list when the product appears there.

    Click Add More Rows to provide details for more than 5 items.


    Alternatively, copy and paste as many order details as you wish in the text field on the right. Make sure that each item#+quantity# start from a new line. Optionally, provide a unit.



    Your input is validated on the go. If you get a validation warning, ensure to correct any issues reported.

    Click Verify Order and the validated items will add to the quick order form.

    Then click Create Order.


    You can also Request a Quote and add the order to the quick order shopping List.


    If you are creating an order as a guest user, please keep in mind that you are only allowed one shopping list. Therefore, when creating an order, your default shopping list will be overwritten with the items from your order.

  4. You can also import a purchase list into the system in the Upload Your Order section:

    1. Click Get Directions to see a quick help on the import process and the downloadable templates to fill it.

    2. Once you downloaded the template in one of the provided formats, insert the items SKU and quantity numbers into the columns A and B and save the file.

    3. To upload the file, click Choose File, navigate to the file location, select the file and click Open.

      Import Validation will emerge to inform you whether products or their quantity qualify for the order and preview the line item and total price.

    4. Click Add to Form to finalize import. Validated items will add to the quick order form.

  5. To complete the order, click Create Order.

Matrix Ordering Form

To simplify ordering process when purchasing several variations of one product, such as a USB flash drive in various colors and capacity, you can use a Matrix Form. The matrix form is available only when a product has one or two attributes.

Depending on the configuration:

  1. The matrix form can be displayed:
  • on a product page:
  • on the product listing:
  • on a shopping list page:
  • as a popup when clicking the Update Shopping List button on the product page.
  1. Enter the number of items for each category.
  2. Click Add to Shopping List on the bottom right of the matrix ordering form. Alternatively, select the shopping list to add the items to, or create a new shopping list by clicking and selecting your option.

However, please keep in mind, that your website configuration may be different and the matrix form may be unavailable.

Checkout Process

Once the products for purchase and their quantity have been selected, both registered and guest customers have to go through a series of steps to submit the order.

In the Oro storefront, the checkout can be multi page or single page. Although the checkout steps themselves are the same, the way they are displayed is different. For the multi page checkout, each step is displayed on a new page. For the single page checkout, all steps fit one page.

In addition, with the checkout with consents, OroCommerce storefront customer users can be restricted from proceeding to the checkout unless mandatory consents are accepted at the Agreements step of the checkout.

Learn more about the checkout process in OroCommerce in the following topics:

Re-Order Option

If you wish to place the similar or identical order to the one you have already submitted, there is a way to avoid a long product selection process and just copy the items from the original order.

The Re-Order option triggers a new checkout using the items from an existing order.

To proceed with re-ordering:

  1. Navigate to Orders in the Quick Access Menu, or click Account and then click Order History in the git menu on the left.

  1. Select the order which you want to re-order from the All Past Orders section. The section contains a list of all the orders submitted previously.

  2. Click Re-Order on the right to open the Checkout page.


Alternatively, click View to check the details of the selected order, and then click Re-Order directly from its view page.

  1. The Checkout page incorporates billing, shipping, and payment information provided by the customer in the original order.

  2. In case any personal information has been changed, the customer can easily update it from the checkout page.



As the product quantity may have changed since the time of the original order submission, a customer will be notified of any differences occurred in stock.


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