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Manage Coupons When Editing the Order

When editing the selected order, you can perform the following actions with the coupons under All Promotions in the Promotions and Discounts section:

  1. Add a new coupon code — Click Add Coupon Code and follow the steps described in the Add Coupons Through the Order Page page.

  2. View a coupon code — Click .

  3. Deactivate/activate a coupon code — Click /.


    When you deactivate the coupon code, its status is changed from active to inactive. It is not removed and you can reactivate it when necessary.

  4. Delete a coupon code — Click .


When you add, deactivate or delete coupons when editing orders, the price totals and the shipping cost may change. Please, review the order totals to make sure that the cost is acceptable.

Browse maintained versions:3.11.6
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