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In this section you will learn how to add, configure and manage the product information, including product details structure and page design, product prices, and multiple options to simplify product search and navigation.

Before You Begin

Ensure that you have configured:

  • Product units — to select the primary product unit and its precision.
  • Product image watermarks (globally and per website) — to add a branded watermark to all the product images.
  • Product image gallery (globally, per organization, and per website) — to use popup or inline view for the image gallery.
  • Image preview on product listing page (globally, per organization, and per website) — to see the product image gallery instead of the product page when clicking on the image in the product listing.
  • Product families and product attributes — to design a structure for product information.
  • Price attributes — to add custom parameters where you can store the price-related information (e.g. MRSP) that may be used in the rule-based price lists to calculate the price for the buyer.
  • New arrivals flag (globally, per organization, and per website) — to highlight the new products in your web catalog.
  • Featured products segment (globally, per organization, and per website) – to store the selected products that are displayed on the crowded paths of you website.
  • Previously Purchased Products (globally and per website) — to display products that customer users have bought recently.
  • Related items configuration:
    • Related products (globally, per organization, and per website) — to bind similar products or those that complement each other, like the item and its accessories.
    • Up-sell products (globally, per organization, and per website) — to bind products that should be promoted with the product being viewed, like more expensive alternatives of the model, upgrade options, additional parts.

See the reference of Product-Related Settings in System Configuration.

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