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Oro application supports two types of integrations:

  • Integrations that are configured on the system level and share the same configuration for all organizations in an Oro instance. These integrations (or any combination of them) can be enabled/disabled and configured in System > Configuration > Integration.

    These are:

    • Pre-implemented Google single sign-on functionality: Enables users to log into Oro with their organization Google Apps for Work, Education or Government account, or their personal Google account if their Google account email address and Oro primary email address are the same.
    • Pre-implemented Integration with Microsoft Exchange server: Enables Oro users to access contents of their mailboxes on the server directly in the Oro UI. (Available for enterprise edition only).
    • Pre-implemented Integration with Microsoft Outlook: Enables automatic bi-directional synchronization of the Oro contacts, tasks and calendar events that are available to the users with their Microsoft Outlook applications. (Available for enterprise edition only).
  • Integrations that are configured at the organization level. These integrations enable adjustment of third-party system integration parameters (e.g. credentials, account IDs, synchronizations settings, etc.) for different organizations.

    These are:


Along with pre-implemented integration capabilities, Oro can also be integrated with other third-party systems.

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