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Add All Products Page to Web Catalog

Once the All Products page has been enabled in the system configuration, you can add it as a part of your web catalog:

  1. Navigate to Marketing > Web Catalogs in the main menu.
  2. For the necessary web catalog, hover over the more actions menu to the right and click to start editing the catalog content tree.
  1. In the Content Nodes menu on the left, select the node to which you need to add All Products page by clicking it.

  2. Click Create Content Node on the top right of the page.

  3. Complete the required fields to configure the web catalog node.

  4. In the Content Variants section, make sure to add the All Products as the system page. To do this:

    1. Click Add System Page.
    2. From a System Page Route list, select the Oro Catalog Frontend Product Allproducts (All Products page).


    See Content Variants topic for more information on using content variants. See System Page topic for more information on this content variant type.

  5. Once all the details have been provided, click Save on the top right of the page.

Browse maintained versions:3.11.6
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