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Understand Price List Configuration

In the website, customer group, and customer details, the Price Lists section contains a set of price lists used for price calculation on a website, for a customer group, or for a customer. Price list configuration may fall back to the system default price list configuration or to the default price list configuration for the website, customer group, and customer.

Price Lists Fallback Options

Configuration Level Fallback Configuration Options
System Configuration
  • System Configuration (config)
  • Current website only
Customer Group
  • Website
  • Current customer group only
  • Customer Group
  • Current customer only

Price Selection Strategy

Depending on the price selection strategy that is selected globally in the system configuration, every price list might or might not have the Merge Allowed option.

When the Minimal Price is selected as the pricing strategy, OroCommerce looks up the minimal price for various tiers of amount and the product units, and the Merge Allowed option is ignored and hidden:


When the Merge by priority is selected as the pricing strategy, the OroCommerce considers the price list priority and Merge Allowed flags to look up all the available price per units and tiers of amount:



Price lists with higher priority are on top.

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