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3.0 version
You are currently viewing documentation for version 3.0 which is not a long-term support release. The latest long-term support release is version 1.6

Configure a Website

In OroCommerce, you can configure the website-related settings on the system level and per a specific website.

Website-Level Configuration

By default, global system configuration settings apply to all newly created websites.

To define the custom configuration options for the particular website:

  1. Navigate to System > Websites using the main menu.

  2. Click on the website you would like to customize configuration for (e.g. Australia).

  3. On the website details page, click Configuration. The following page opens:


    On the website level, there is a number of options that you can configure specifically for the particular OroCommerce website, but which will not affect system-wide or organization-wide configuration.


    Website-level configuration settings can fall back to global settings. For this, select the Use System check box next to the selected option. To go back to the default website-level settings, click Reset on the top right.

    Two categories of settings are available for configuration at the website level:

    • System Configuration (General Setup, Integrations)
    • Commerce (Sales)

    More information about the options available for each of the two categories is available below.

  4. Once you complete configuring the website-level settings in the option group, click Save Settings.

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