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This topic details the onboarding process between you and our customer support team before your Oro application deployment begins.

Welcome Onboard

After you have signed an agreement with Oro Inc. or one of Oro-authorized partners, you will get a Welcome to Oro Enterprise email that guides you through the steps toward your Oro application going live.

You can refer to this email when you need the following information:

  • Your license key (you may need it for support requests of any type)
  • Contacts of the financial department (for questions and inquiries related to invoice and payment)
  • Link to Oro Inc. Support Desk (for technical questions and questions related to the deployment, application configuration, and use)
  • Links to the other training and documentation resources

Choose a Domain for the Application and Obtain an SSL Certificate

In the welcome email, you will be offered a default domain name for your OroCloud instance typically based on your company name. If you would like to use a different domain, please share that information in your reply to the welcome email or you can contact customer support.


If you choose to use the domain you manage, your company’s authorized IT personnel should handle the DNS update after the application deployment. The customer support team will provide you with the public IP address for DNS configuration once the deployment is complete.

Create an Account in Oro Inc. Support Desk

Oro Inc. Support Desk is the main point of contact for any questions and issues related to your company’s OroCloud environment and application instance. To start using the customer support service, please create an account on the Oro Inc. Support Desk.


In your support requests, remember to provide your company’s name, the license key (if applicable), and the application version.

For more information on using the support portal, see the Support section.

Get Access to the Oro application Enterprise Edition Source Code

Once you purchase an Oro application license, your Welcome Onboard email will link to the Oro application Enterprise Edition source code in GitHub.

To be able to access, clone and fork the repository, please request access to the necessary GitHub account via the Oro Inc. Support Desk by providing GitHub usernames, first and last names, and emails of the accounts.

You can use the source code from the repository to install Oro application in your local, staging, development and production environment, including OroCloud.

You can also fork and customize the Enterprise Edition of Oro’s application source code if needed. It is highly recommended to use only Long Term Support (LTS) versions for production environments. Check out the list of LTS versions and their release schedule in the relevant Release and Support Cycle article.

OroCloud Environment and Application Deployment

If you plan to deploy a custom Oro application from the forked or private repository, you will be requested to provide the custom repository address in ssh format (i.e., tag or branch that should be used for installation.


For customized installation, please ensure that your custom source code is fully functional and does not disrupt the application installation flow.

The support team will generate SSH keys and will share a public key with you. This key should be added as a deployment key to your custom repository to authorize cloning the repository from the Oro application host in the cloud environment.

Once all the necessary information is collected and the necessary access permissions are granted, the environment of the standard configuration is prepared and the Oro application is installed using the repository, tag or branch you have specified, or with the latest LTS released version of the application if no customization is planned.

Once the installation is complete, the support team creates the first administrator in the Oro Application using the details collected during your onboarding.

Customer support will inform you of the successful installation and remind the VPN details and the general guidance on the available maintenance tools.

If you happen to require a system update or customization at a leter time, you may either perform it manually using the OroCloud maintenance tools and Oro application upgrade documentation or you can request the necessary changes using the Oro Inc. Support Desk.

SSH Access to the OroCloud Environment (Optional)

SSH access to OroCloud environment can be requested via the customer support portal. The request should include:

  • First and last name(s) of the user(s), and their Organization(s)

  • E-mail addresses of the user(s)

  • User(s) public keys (a key) should be created using the following command:

    ssh-keygen -t rsa -b 2048 -f /path/to/ keyfile.

See the Before You Begin section of the OroCloud maintenance tools topic for more information on how to generate the key.

Once the request is processed and the access is granted, you will be provided with username(s) that should be used for the connection. The users will receive emails with the VPN settings required for SSH access and a link to the OroCloud maintenance tools documentation.

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