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Exporting Product Information

Export option helps export the product information and price attribute data from the product list in the .csv file.

Example of a product bulk export template

sku attributeFamily.code status type primaryUnitPrecision.unit.code primaryUnitPrecision.precision primaryUnitPrecision.conversionRate primaryUnitPrecision.sell additionalUnitPrecisions:0:unit:code additionalUnitPrecisions:0:precision additionalUnitPrecisions:0:conversionRate additionalUnitPrecisions:0:sell names.default.fallback names.default.value shortDescriptions.default.fallback shortDescriptions.default.value descriptions.default.fallback descriptions.default.value variantFields availability_date featured newArrival backOrder.value decrementQuantity.value highlightLowInventory.value inventoryThreshold.value lowInventoryThreshold.value manageInventory.value maximumQuantityToOrder.value metaDescriptions.default.fallback metaDescriptions.default.value metaKeywords.default.fallback metaKeywords.default.value metaTitles.default.fallback metaTitles.default.value minimumQuantityToOrder.value isUpcoming.value slugPrototypes.default.fallback slugPrototypes.default.value category.default.title
sku_001 default_family enabled simple in_stock kg 3 1 1 item 0 5 1   Product Name   Product Short Description   Product Description   03/12/2019 02:00:00 0 0 systemConfig systemConfig systemConfig systemConfig systemConfig systemConfig systemConfig   defaultMetaDescription   defaultMetaKeywords   defaultMetaTitle systemConfig 0   lumen-item Category Name

Example of a product price attribute data export template

Product SKU Price Attribute Unit Code Currency Price
sku_001 MSRP/MAP item USD 20

To export the product information or price attribute data in a .csv format:

  1. In the main menu, navigate to Products > Products.

    The following screen opens.


  2. Click Export.

    After the following notification, you will receive an email with the link to download the .csv file.

  3. Open the email and click the Download link.

    The file is automatically downloaded.


Keep in mind that by clicking Export you download all records of the selected entity regardless of the filters applied to the grid. To export only the list of filtered records, use the Export Grid functionality if it is available for the selected entity.

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