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Generate Coupons

To generate new coupons:

  1. Navigate to Marketing > Promotions > Coupons in the main menu.

  2. Click Coupons Actions > Generate Multiple Coupons on the top right.

    The following form appears:

  3. In the form, complete the following fields:

    • Promotion — Select the promotion that the coupon should relate to, or click to load the list of promotions to choose from. Please note that only promotions with the Triggered by option set to Coupons and Conditions will be displayed on the list of available promotions.
    • Enabled — Enable the check box to activate the coupons.
    • Uses Per Coupon — Enter the number of times that the coupon may be used.
    • Uses Per Person — Enter the number of times a specific customer can use the coupon.
    • Valid From/Until — Provide the expiration date and time for the coupon.
    • Owner — Select the business unit responsible for the coupon.
    • Coupon Quantity — Specify the quantity of coupons to be automatically generated.
    • Code Length — Enter the number that represents the desired length of the coupon code.
    • Code Type — Select the coupon code type from the list (numeric, alphanumeric or alphabetic).
    • Code Prefix — Enter the prefix for the coupon code. If provided, each code will start from this prefix.
    • Code Suffix — Enter the suffix for the coupon code. If provided, each code will finish with this suffix.
    • Add Dashes Every…Symbols — Provide the number to indicate where a dash should be placed in the coupon code (e.g. after each 2 symbols: xx-xx-xx).
    • Code Preview — Preview the sample of the code to be generated for the coupon.


    Please note that coupon codes must not be longer than 255 symbols, including prefix, suffix, and dashes.

  4. Click Generate.

    The coupons list should now have the coupon codes you have just generated.

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