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Set Up Visibility of Content Variants

Once you add more than one content variant, you will have to apply restrictions to any non-default variants.


These restrictions help you set up the conditions where content should override the default option.

This may be necessary for multiple localizations, where the content item should link to the system page written in the appropriate language. Another example is when your products, product categories or collections differ for various countries, e.g. you might need an alternative product collection for USA and UK. Finally, you might like to limit the offerings based on your customer business and any legal limitations.

Set up a restriction by selecting all or some of the following: target localization, website, and customer or customer group.


Only one field must be chosen for customers at a time, either a customer group and a customer.


Never leave the restrictions for non-default variant empty. This may cause unexpected priority collision between the default and non-default variant.

To apply content to more than one localization, website, and customer group or customer, click Add and set up additional conditions where content should override the default option.

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