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Add a Product Collection (Web Catalog Content)

Product Collection is a filter-based segment that helps you display a custom and dynamic set of products in the web catalog similarly to the category contents.


You can control the frequency of the product collections indexation. By default, product collections are indexed every hour. See the Product Collections Configuration guide for the details on how to change the default indexation frequency.

  1. To add a product collection node to the menu in the OroCommerce storefront:

    Select the Add Product Collection in the Content Variants list.

    The following section shows:

  2. To name a segment of the product collection:

    Enter the segment name for the product collection in the provided field.

  3. To add a product to the collection via filter:

    In the All Added tab, click Advanced Filter to set up a filter that will limit the products list and include only the necessary products.



    Advanced Filter is hidden by default.

    Click Preview Results to check whether the products found via the filter match your criteria, or to exclude unnecessary items from the list.



    To manage the columns displayed Within the products grid, click .

  4. To add a product to the collection manually:

    Click Add next to Advanced Filter to add the selected products manually. This can be used in cases when you have few products to be added and there is no need to set up a complicated filter, or when you need to add specific products that may be out of the filter’s scope.

Manually added items will appear both in the Manually Added and All Added tabs.
  1. To exclude items from the collection:

    To ensure that specific items are excluded from the list of the product collection and will not be included automatically or manually, click Add in the Excluded tab:


    Tick the Selected box to the left of the necessary products, and click Add.


    You may use filter on the top of the dialog to limit the scope of the products and make it fit into the visible area.

  2. To reset products:

    To clear all filters and reset the product collection to the default state, click Reset Products next to the tabs.

  3. This step applies only to the content nodes with more than one content variant.

    When your collection is not selected as a default variant for the content node, there is a Restrictions section beneath the product collection preview. In this section, you can define the condition when the product collection overrides the default content variant. See Configure Content Visibility section for more information.

  4. Click Save when you are done filling in the web catalog content node or keep adding the content variants.

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