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Highlight Products in the Storefront

When the required number of products has been created or imported, you can further improve on their visual representation in the storefront to simplify purchase choices for your buyers.

The Highlight Products section aggregates the information on how to effectively customize your product visibility to focus your customer attention on best sellers, new arrivals, featured and most viewed products, as well as other special offers.


Keep in mind that all product-related settings are configured per level (globally, per organization, and per website) through the system configuration.

  • Product units – set the product unit rounding type, single unit mode, default primary unit and its precision.
  • Product image watermark — adds a branded watermark to all product images.
  • Product image gallery — provides an option to use either popup or inline view for the image gallery.
  • Image preview on product listing page — enables to view the product image gallery instead of the product page when clicking on the image in the product listing.
  • A new arrivals flag — highlights new products in your web catalog.
  • A featured products segment – stores the selected products that are displayed on the crowded paths of your website.
  • Previously purchased products — display products that customer users have bought recently.
  • Related products — help bind similar products or those that complement each other, like the item and its accessories.
  • Configurable products – help customize a matrix form view for a configurable product.
  • Up-sell products — help bind products that should be promoted with the product being viewed, like more expensive alternatives of the model, upgrade options, additional parts.
  • All Products page – displays all available products from the master catalog grouped by categories.
  • Brands – help associate a product with a specific brand for easier search in the storefront.
Browse maintained versions:3.11.6
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