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You are currently viewing documentation for version 3.0 which is not a long-term support release. The latest long-term support release is version 1.6

Simple Quote Management


This flow is used when the Quote Management Flow is active.

As an illustration, let us see the quote in action and walk through the steps a buyer and a sales manager may follow to communicate or negotiate for the sale:

  1. Once a quote is created, it is automatically moved to the Draft step with the possibility to edit, clone, delete and send the quote to a customer.

  2. The quote with an offer valid until 19 April is sent to a customer.


The quote transitions from Draft state into Sent to Customer. Now it is possible to cancel, expire, delete, create a quote, or mark it as declined by customer.



If a customer generates an order based on the quote, you can leave the quote in the Sent to Customer state so that customer user could reuse it for future orders, or expire it to disable orders based on this quote.

  1. The customer provided no feedback on the quote before 19 April, and the quote is expired by the sales personnel, leaving it in the Closed step.
  1. The offer has been reconsidered and validation date was extended until 21 April. The quote is reopened. It is moved back to the draft step with the possibility to edit, clone, delete and send the quote to a customer. The quote number is changed (in our case, from 22 to 23).


See more information about the simple quote management via the Quote Management Flow. You will learn additional details on the steps and actions available at every step.

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