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Simple Quote Management: States and Transitions


Available options depend on the current status of the quote and your permissions.

When Quote Management (without approvals) is enabled, the quote status may be one of the following:

  • Draft — the quote is being prepared.
  • Sent to Customer — the quote is sent to the customer.
  • Closed — the quote is closed and no further actions with the quote are possible unless it is reopened.
  • Deleted — the quote has been removed.

The following table describes which options are available for each of the statuses and how the corresponding transitions change the quote status.


Some transitions are available only for a reviewer (Reviewer) and some only for a user without reviewing permissions (Sales). The availability is indicated in the corresponding columns.

A buyer can see only quotes that have been sent to the customer.

Current Quote Status Transitions from Step Reviewer Sales New Status
Draft Click Edit to make changes to the quote draft.
Click Clone to create a copy of the quote.
Click Delete to remove the quote draft.
Click Send to Customer to send this quote to the customer. If the quote has been modified, this option becomes unavailable for Sales.
Sent to Customer
Sent to Customer Click Cancel to call off the quote.

Click Expire to indicate that the quote’s validity period is over.

In the confirmation dialog, click Mark As Expired.

Click Delete to remove the quota.

Click Create New Quote to create a copy of the quote.

In the Create New Quote dialog, select whether to copy notes made on the quote and when the current quote is to expire, and click Submit.

Sent to Customer
Click Declined by Customer to indicate that the customer did not agree to the terms of the quote.
Closed Click Reopen to actualize the quote again. A new quote with the same data will appear. The current quote remains closed.
Deleted Click Undelete to restore the quote.
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