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Review RFQ Statuses

The visibility of the RFQ statuses displayed below depends on whether the corresponding workflow is enabled or disabled. The statuses are available for customers and sales representatives when RFQ Submission Flow and RFQ Management Flow workflows are activated in the system configuration.

  1. Customer Statuses (correspond to RFQ Submission Flow on the RFQ page) are the statuses displayed to customers in the storefront. In the management console, they are visible on the RFQ page:

    1. Submitted
    2. Pending Approval
    3. Requires Attention
    4. Cancelled
  1. Internal Statuses (correspond to RFQ Management Flow on the RFQ page) are the statuses displayed in OroCommerce to the sales personnel:

    1. Open
    2. Processed
    3. More Information Requested
    4. Declined
    5. Cancelled
    6. Deleted


RFQs with internal status Deleted are not visible in the storefront.


The following table describes which options are available for each of the statuses, and how the corresponding transitions change them.

Step Current Internal Status Current Customer Status
An RFQ is submitted by a customer Open Submitted
The RFQ is marked as processed by sales representative. The customer is not authorized to view this status Processed Submitted
Sales representative requests more information from the customer More Information Requested Requires Attention
The customer responds to the request and provides the additional information Open Submitted
The RFQ is declined Declined Cancelled
The RFQ is deleted and no further actions are possible unless it is reopened Deleted The RFQ is removed from the customer user’s page
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