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OroCommerce 1.1 Download


OroCommerce 1.1

We are excited to announce that we now have OroCommerce version 1.1 available. The new version includes the following features and enhancements:

Workflows and Roles:

  • We’ve added new default request a quote (RFQ) workflows for store frontend and backoffice RFQ management
  • The new default back-office Quote workflow provides a unified seamless quote management experience
  • Standard create and edit entity pages can now be re-used in workflows
  • It is now possible to select the transition destination page in the workflow editor
  • Order confirmation page has become an integral part of the checkout workflows, so checkout outcome can be controlled and changed by activating a different checkout workflow
  • Checkout workflows have been expanded to provide additional validation rules and warn user or request required information before the checkout workflow actually started
  • It is now possible to have different sets of configurable customer role permissions in the role management UI on the store frontend and in the management console

Integrations and APIs:

  • Payment and shipping methods are now configurable similarly to other integrations and multiple alternative configurations may be used in payment and shipping rules
  • Full list of payment-related actions (payment history) has been added to the order view pages in the management console
  • It is now possible to validate API credentials and other configuration parameters of shipping integrations before enabling them
  • Export of customers and customer users is now available out of the box
  • New customer data API and RFQ API allow for easier integration with 3-rd party systems


  • Existing event listeners have been refactored to target entity-specific events
  • The demo data installation process has been modified to provide pre-populated pre-indexed data right after the system installation (additional re-indexing is no longer necessary)
  • Search data indexation has been refactored to limit the scope and make sure it’s triggered only for the relevant data field updates
  • ORM re-indexation speed has also been improved
  • Entity line item hydration has been optimized for entities with large number of line items
  • Localized data is now cached to improved data retrieval performance

Management Console:

  • Web content management now allows for efficient redirect management, URL generation and configuration, and automatic URL conflict resolution
  • New menu management UI can be used to quickly and easily modify store frontend menus globally and for selected websites
  • It is now possible to select product page templates for individual products out of the set of template provided by the store frontend themes
  • Catalog managers can now choose any destination when moving selected categories and can perform mass moves of multiple categories at once
  • Warehouse priorities and price list priorities can be management via simple drag-n-drop UI
  • It is now possible to delete warehouses
  • Language management UI has been modified to better map system-defined languages to the translations available on CrowdIn

Segmentation and Reporting:

  • It is now possible to limit number of records included in a segment and sort segmented data in the specified order
  • Report results can be grouped by custom date periods

Store Frontend:

  • My account profile has been updated and optimized for mobile and tablet devices
  • Category page may now include large visual images
  • Frontend grids can now be configured by the user similarly to the grid configuration in the management console
  • Mass ordering of product variants can now be performed in a matrix ordering form
  • Store managers can control the order and grouping of product attributes on the store frontend pages
  • Web catalog data is now included in the search index to provide additional searchable content
  • It is now possible to use regular "contains" filters in search-based datagrids

We have also included a few dozen of small bug fixes and miscellaneous improvements into this release.

Please follow these instructions to install the application or try the OroCommerce public demo.

As always, we would love to get feedback along the way through either GitHub, email, or the OroCommerce forum.

Join our community and become a part of the B2B e-Commerce revolution!

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