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OroCommerce 1.5

New features – OroCommerce

  • Major highlights of this OroCommerce release are: more capabilities of coupons and promotions; numerous improvements to product filters at the store frontend; and enhanced product APIs. We also added numerous improvements to customer experience ranging from easier registration to more informed checkout and history of past purchases.

    Promotions and coupons

  • Customers may now apply coupon codes at checkout.
  • Assigned coupons are displayed at a promotion view page

    Customer store experience


  • A clear Register link now appears in the top menu next to Sign In link, helping new customers to find the registration form quicker.
  • Company name can be made optional in the registration form via system or website configuration.

    Browsing the catalog

  • We have redesigned and expanded product grid filters in order to make store navigation and filtering more natural and convenient for the customer. The most prominent examples are sub-category filters with multiple selection and collapsible responsive filters.
  • On mobile devices, filters now appear in a dedicated popup, resulting in less cluttered filtering experience even on small screens.


  • Customers may add multiple products to the shopping list at once with the new mass action on product listings.
  • New inline matrix view allows customers to choose multiple variations of a single configurable product and add them to a shopping list with a single form. The inline matrix is available at product view pages for configurable products with 1 or 2 configurable attributes.
  • Customers can review the list of previously purchased products in the Account menu.
  • Customers may easily re-order a previous purchase from the Order history page. Only currently available products can be reordered.

    Document printing

  • We have added printer-friendly styles for Order, Quote, and RFQ pages to better serve customers who need these documents for paper-based workflows.

    Store administration

  • Admin users may configure a new Featured menu homepage block in Frontend Menus configuration.
  • New Update User Profile role capability allows admin users to set up customer user roles that do not allow to edit user information except for their own profiles.

    Catalog management

    Product highlights

  • A product or product category may be designated as upcoming, witn an optional future availability date. This designation allows merchants to market the upcoming product to their customers and accept pre-orders. Upcoming products will be labeled as such at product views, listings, shopping lists, and at checkouts.
  • Low inventory threshold can be configured for a product or product category, allowing merchants to inform their customers about depleting product stocks. This can be used to induce demand, or to prevent submission of orders that cannot be fulfilled. Products with low inventory will be labeled as such at product views, listings, shopping lists, and at checkouts.

    Filterable product attributes

  • It is now possible to make many product attributes as filterable and sortable at the store frontend via product configuration . This configuration expansion allows store administrators to display only the relevant filters to the customer, simplifying and streamlining the store experience.

    Other improvements

  • Sub-category filters may be enabled in web catalog management.
  • Administrators may import product images via CSV file, by adding reference paths to a predefined folder ({PROJECT}/app/import_export/product_images) at remote server.

    Product APIs

    We continue to expand our APIs to allow the most broad integrations with third-party systems. This release brings the following capabilities to our API:

  • Product images
  • Promotions, as part of Order API
  • Payment terms
  • Customer user addresses

    Other improvements

  • Customer entity now has Created At and Updated At fields, allowing administrators to understand when a customer record was created or updated
  • Legacy bootstrap3 styles were removed to clear the path for future upgrade to new versions

    Known issues

  • Adding product to the shopping list does not work on mobile browsers for application with demo data

New features – OroCRM

In this release we have developed enhancements to our Magento integration, as well as provided numerous bug fixes and performance improvements.

Magento integration

  • New Magento Purchases tab displays the list of product recently purchased by a customer. The tab appears at both Magento Customer and Account views.
  • Profiles for guest Magento customers can now be created based on first & last name combination in order to accommodate setups where all guest purchases are recorded with the same email address.
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