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OroCommerce 4.0 Download


OroCommerce 4.0

4.0.0-beta is an unmaintained developer preview release that includes some backwards incompatible changes from the currently developed 4.0 development branch.

Please note, that 4.x series should be used only if your project is scheduled to go live after January 2020. You will have to continually upgrade to the next available 4.0.0-rc, 4.0.0, 4.1.0-beta, 4.1.0-rc versions and ultimately upgrade to 4.1 LTS version prior to going live with the project.

All other projects should use 3.1 LTS, which is the latest stable version.

Majority of the bugfixes and some improvements from 4.0 branch have already been included in the last 3.1.x patch releases:

The remaining fixes and improvements will be included in the upcoming 3.1.5 and the following 3.1.x patch releases.

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