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OroCommerce 4.1 Download


OroCommerce 4.1

Analytics, Navigation & Data Management

  • Google Tag Manager integration along with Google Analytics Enhanced Ecommerce reporting
  • Partial exports (applying filters on exported data)
  • User impersonation (login as customer)

New CMS capabilities

  • Advanced WYSIWYG editor to allow full control over content, layout and presentation
  • Configurable role-based content editing permissions
  • Drafts and the ability to build publication workflows
  • Full support of source editing to allow an IT department to publish HTML content generated by 3rd party tools
  • Various content widgets (configurable image slider, product miniblock, etc.)
  • The ability to upload and easily link to images, PDF attachments, and other types of content files

Setup & Administration

  • Improved management of product attributes
  • Full separation of product data in a multi-organizational setup
  • Additional localization improvements
  • Simplified configuration for B2C websites

Technology & Developer Experience

  • Upgrade to Symfony 4.4 LTS
  • Full integration of WebPack and Babel into asset build toolchain
  • Extended API, additional configurations and improved authentication methods to simplify integration with enterprise-level middleware & enterprise ERPs. WSSE support will be marked as deprecated in favor of oAuth 2.0
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