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The Enterprise eCommerce Platform that’s Built to Scale

The Enterprise eCommerce Platform that’s Built to Scale
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A Flexible and Innovative Solution for Complex eCommerce

Enterprise solutions are how work gets done in large businesses. They provide a solid foundation for the present and the best ones bring flexibility and agility for the future. 

Enterprises have complex hierarchies and organizational structures that demand a flexible and powerful eCommerce solution. B2B enterprises add extra layers of intricacy and require an eCommerce platform that embraces complexity and still gets to market fast.

OroCommerce provides a powerful, flexible, and innovative B2B eCommerce solution for enterprises.

Enterprise eCommerce Solutions Are Different

Many B2C and B2B eCommerce solutions provide the basic content management system, shopping cart, and checkout workflow that suits the needs of the average small to medium-sized business. 

But enterprise-sized companies need enterprise-grade eCommerce. They require innovative solutions that can support large and complex product catalogs, dynamic, personalized pricing, and various types of customers. The software must be able to accommodate organizational structures that cover multiple brands and multiple territories each with their own organizational hierarchy. 

Many enterprises are global, they need eCommerce that crosses borders effortlessly and recognizes local languages, currencies, and customs.  

From automating workflows in the back office to creating exceptional and highly personalized customer experiences on the front-end, enterprise eCommerce software operates without constraints on selling channels or business models.

Enterprise eCommerce Solutions Are Different

Out-of-the-Box Functionality at Scale

OroCommerce provides an enterprise-grade solution that can handle the largest and most complex organizations and provides them with a solid foundation for growth. 

The ability to scale, adapt, and integrate are key for enterprise-grade solutions. OroCommerce excels at all three and industry leaders are taking notice. Gartner named OroCommerce the #1 B2B eCommerce platform and #4 for platforms that support both B2C and B2B eCommerce.

Leads and Opportunities

Grow Leads and Opportunities

Get the marketing and sales enablement tools you need to fuel 24/7 sales. The feature-rich CMS can be used to create mobile-friendly, immersive customer experiences complete with SEO-optimized content. Or employ a headless architecture and enable the CMS of your choice.

Enterprise Commerce Activities

Streamline Your Enterprise Commerce Activities

With ERP and eCommerce integration and automation, you’ll eliminate data silos, and improve your operational efficiency. Create a single source of truth for your business and eliminate bottlenecks in order processing, billing, or payments.


Multi-Company, Multi-Brand, Multi-Location

The Oro enterprise eCommerce solution never places limits on the number of channels, subdivisions, brands, locations, or websites you can operate with a single instance. Bring together complex hierarchies under one platform and get a 360-degree of the entire enterprise.

Growth and Speed

Built for Growth and Speed

Easily handle hundreds of thousands of SKUs, customers, and orders without a decrease in performance. OroCommerce is built to operate flawlessly at scale. And as you expand operations, acquire new software and implement new processes, the Oro API will allow your eCommerce to grow with you.

OroCommerce Enterprise eCommerce Key Features

The OroCommerce eCommerce solution provides the key features you need to get to market quickly while retaining the freedom to customize at will.

  1. Security

    Oro maintains SOC 2 Certification and keeps you PCI DSS and GDPR compliant. Add layers of security with customizable access for roles and permissions. Databases are encrypted and passwords are stored as irreversible hashes. Your data is always secure.

  2. Support Large Catalogs

    There’s literally no limit to the number of SKUs you can add to your catalogs or the number of catalogs you can create. Processing speed is never impacted by the scale of your catalogs with OroCommerce.

  3. Powerful Integration Capabilities

    Integrate with your ERP, PIM, WMS, or any other business solution. The open API approach to coding makes OroCommerce open for integration. Use a headless architecture and integrate it with any selling channel you need.

  4. Workflow Automation

    Stop duplicating activities and put an end to manual processes. The powerful workflow engine allows you to define workflows and puts you in control of when, where, and how to automate workflows.

  5. Multi-website Capabilities

    Manage multiple websites with a single instance. There’s no need for multiple platforms, no matter how complex or large your business may be. OroCommerce is eCommerce at your scale – no matter what that may be.

  6. Multi-Organization and Multi-Warehouse Capabilities

    Enterprise brands operate with multiple organizations and a network of warehouses. OroCommerce can manage orders across multiple organizations, warehouses, and selling channels.

  7. Localization Features

    Go global with OroCommerce. Localize websites, content, and product pages by currency and language. Implement complex taxing situations so each transaction is priced perfectly.

  8. Personalization Capabilities

    Say their name and more. OroCommerce allows you to segment by any characteristic. You can deliver customized experiences complete with personalized prices, products, and even store-fronts to any segment you identify.

What Makes OroCommerce Different

OroCommerce was built by the team that brought you Magento. Designed by people who are fascinated by the complexity of B2B and dedicated to providing open-source solutions that solve enterprise problems.


Passion for Digital Excellence Throughout the Ecosystem

OroCommerce is backed by a vibrant and growing ecosystem of partners, developers, and users that are committed to quality in digital solutions. The Oro marketplace offers an extensive collection of extensions, themes, and widgets with new additions regularly. When you see Certified by Oro, you are assured of quality.


Transparency in All We Do

At Oro, we are open and transparent. It’s one of our core philosophies. You’ll find transparency in everything from our open-source code to our open API approach to product development. Communication is clear and direct as well.


Powerful, Flexible, Innovative

Oro understands the problems of B2B eCommerce at scale. Our products provide the most flexible solutions on the market today. Develop your use case for today’s needs confident that with each iteration Oro will continue to work for you.


24/7 Support

You’re never alone or out on a limb with OroCommerce. Oro provides responsive 24/7 support for those times when things go wrong. Our techs are dedicated to keeping you up and running at all times.

OroCommerce in Action

Global enterprise brands are achieving eCommerce success with OroCommerce

  1. Saltworks

    Saltworks, a US-based gourmet salt company needed an eCommerce solution that could handle both B2B and B2C transactions and integrate with their Amazon channel. Their existing B2C eCommerce solution wasn’t well-suited for B2B at scale and integration with their ERP required complex workarounds. OroCommerce allowed them to integrate with their ERP, support multiple selling channels, and provide both individual and bulk customers with a highly personalized experience.

    Oro stood out to us because, out of the box, it provided solutions we had fought hard to shoe-horn into our previous platform, Magento. The stability and reliability of that as the basis for was incredibly important to us.

    Peter Noonan

    Marketing Manager, Saltworks

    Peter Noonan
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  2. BME

    BME France distributes building materials in 7 countries and needed an eCommerce solution that could support multiple brands. They selected OroCommerce for its ability to manage multiple brand websites in different languages and currencies. The extensive back-end features provided the internal sales teams the tools they needed to smooth the quoting process and encourage upsells and cross-promotions.

    OroCommerce unified two brands under one platform where integration with PIM and ERP ensured product descriptions and prices were always correct. A single dashboard gives BME the ability to track KPIs for two brands in one place.

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