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The Many Flavors of B2B eCommerce

When embarking on a B2B eCommerce project, it’s important to know which B2B eCommerce model makes sense for your business. This whitepaper outlines the most popular B2B eCommerce models for businesses looking to start or improve their online presence.
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The Many Flavors of B2B eCommerce
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Who is this whitepaper for?

This whitepaper is for anyone wanting to learn more about B2B eCommerce and the opportunities it presents.

This content is intended for:

  • Business Owners
  • eCommerce Managers
  • Marketing Directors
  • Business Development/Sales Executives
  • eCommerce Agencies

Why you should download this whitepaper?

It’s well-documented that B2B eCommerce is expected to grow to $1.2 trillion by 2021. However, B2B eCommerce is hardly a one-size-fits-all as B2B companies can do business in many different ways. This whitepaper will give more information on some of the most popular B2B eCommerce models as B2B businesses start to embark on a digital transformation journey.

Learn how other B2B companies set up their online presence

See how other B2B eCommerce websites are setup and what experience they provide for their online customers.

Gain insights into different B2B eCommerce models

B2B eCommerce comes in more than one flavor. Find out what other flavors exist in B2B eCommerce and see if it would be relevant for your business.

Identify new business opportunities

B2B eCommerce is more than just selling online; it’s a strategy. See if there are any online opportunities you’re missing out on.

Set up your eCommerce project for Success

Before getting started on a B2B eCommerce project, it’s important to know which flavor(s) of B2B eCommerce makes sense for your business.

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